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Mainstreaming green politics and investment

There were once centre ground votes in green politics.  What happened? At the last election, the parties were competing to be the greenest. Now we have The Sun on its front page claiming David Cameron has ordered his aides to “Get Rid of the Green Crap” (21/11/13).   This headline appeared on the day I [...]

The pessimists

If I were a billionaire member of the House of Lords, I would commission polls that involve 20,000 people, just like Lord Ashcroft. Partly, this would be so I could say “Silence!” like Darth Vader when my chosen pollster said, “but my Lord, we only need to poll 1,000 people to get a representative sample?” But mostly it would [...]


26 June 2012 A majority of voters believe restrictions on housing benefit and disability benefits are necessary according to a poll published today, commissioned by Centreground Political Communications and undertaken by pollsters YouGov. Housing benefit, disability and child benefit cuts deemed necessary – but 50p top rate cut not thought necessary – A majority (51 [...]

Prime Minister’s Questions, 8 February

Predictably Labour leader Ed Miliband chose to pressure the Prime Minister on health, writes Adrian McMenamin. Equally predictably the PM avoided answering any of Miliband’s questions – generally about how health professionals have turned their backs on the government’s health and social care bill – directly. It was not a good outing for David Cameron. [...]

Prime Minister’s Questions, 25 January

Harold Macmillan (pictured) was supposed to detest Prime Minister’s Questions so much that he was sick before every session. Supermac versus Harold Wilson was surely a real clash of heavyweights, though sadly no audio, never mind film, record exists. David Cameron and Ed Miliband are hardly in the same league. Cameron regularly gets through the [...]

Battle is joined over Scotland’s future

This last week has illustrated two points about the forthcoming Scottish referendum on independence – that David Cameron and the Conservative party are in a poor place to lead the pro-UK campaign and that some leadership is better than none at all, writes Adrian McMenamin. For the last 18 months the coalition government, or at [...]

Getting it wrong about David Cameron and Europe

I have to confess to a fundamental political mistake. It is one that I know many others, of all parties and none, will have made and will now be wrestling over with their conscience. But that does not make the admission any easier. My sin is to have believed that government would be good for [...]

The political risks of the almost centre ground

No politician totally encapsulates the political centreground, so why are some punished by the electorate for it, while others aren’t asks Steve Van Riel, political consultant at Centreground Political Communications. Think even of the textbook examples, say, Tony Blair in 1998 (and for quite a bit longer as well), David Cameron back in his huskie [...]

A generational challenge to the centre-left

I am from the very last of the baby-boom generation, born in 1965, just before the birth rate took a definitive slide as the first baby boomers, born immediately after the end of the Second World War, chose to take advantage of the changing social and sexual morality of the sixties to delay marriage and [...]

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