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Public confidence in Police and Crime Commissioners on the slide

On the anniversary of their election, Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) have seen already limited levels of public support and confidence drain away in their first year of office, suggests new polling by YouGov that has been commissioned by Centreground Political Communications. PCCs were first elected in November 2012 and the new poll shows that [...]

Jonathan Powell on international summits

Jonathan Powell, former chief of staff to British Prime Minister Tony Blair, writes about his new documentary for BBC Radio 4 on international summits. “I spent ten years as Tony Blair’s chief of staff enduring EU, NATO, G8, Commonwealth and other summits and watched their proliferation in my thirty years in public service from occasional [...]


A new opinion poll of adults in England and Wales who will be having elections for Police Commissioner, commissioned by Centreground Political Communications, carried out by pollsters ComRes, shows how the parties stand in the run up to police commissioner elections in November. It found: o   Few respondents say they know about the police commissioner [...]

Further reflections on the London mayoral result

Every British poll since 1997 has been billed as the “first internet election” but the 2012 London mayoral contest might have the best claim yet.   The decisive factor in the result was the voters’ assessment of the characters of the candidates. Even after 12 years many in the UK political establishment find it difficult [...]

An open memo to Ken Livingstone

To: Ken Livingstone   You and I have history. So your first thought on reading this memo maybe to ask why on Earth I am offering you advice on your campaign.  But in the end Labour blood is thicker than water. So, I want to help you win your election and right now I fear you [...]

Leanne Wood’s threat to Welsh Labour

Leanne Wood‘s election as leader of Plaid Cymru – the Party of Wales may not generate many waves in Westminster but it is likely to be seen as something of a shock in many parts of Wales. Not because of Wood’s politics – though by a country mile she is the most left wing of [...]

Prime Minister’s Questions, 8 February

Predictably Labour leader Ed Miliband chose to pressure the Prime Minister on health, writes Adrian McMenamin. Equally predictably the PM avoided answering any of Miliband’s questions – generally about how health professionals have turned their backs on the government’s health and social care bill – directly. It was not a good outing for David Cameron. [...]

Prime Minister’s Questions, 25 January

Harold Macmillan (pictured) was supposed to detest Prime Minister’s Questions so much that he was sick before every session. Supermac versus Harold Wilson was surely a real clash of heavyweights, though sadly no audio, never mind film, record exists. David Cameron and Ed Miliband are hardly in the same league. Cameron regularly gets through the [...]

Battle is joined over Scotland’s future

This last week has illustrated two points about the forthcoming Scottish referendum on independence – that David Cameron and the Conservative party are in a poor place to lead the pro-UK campaign and that some leadership is better than none at all, writes Adrian McMenamin. For the last 18 months the coalition government, or at [...]

Ways to win a referendum on Scottish independence

Gus O’Donnell, the outgoing Cabinet Secretary, has today broken with the protocol that serving civil servants should avoid public comment on matters of political controversy, by warning of the threat to the unity of the UK posed by Alex Salmond‘s promised referendum on an independent Scotland. That he has done so reflects a very real [...]

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