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Monthly archives: November 2011

Cut price conservatism and shoestring socialism

Steve Van Riel,
Consultant, Centreground Political Communications In 2015, Chancellor Ed Balls could promise to spend £60 billion to double the scale of the tax credit system and provide a huge boost to working families. Chancellor Danny Alexander could abolish the council tax and throw in scrapping fuel duty for good measure. Or a slightly greyer [...]

The Autumn Statement and beyond

Razi Rahman, Director, Centreground Political Communications   The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne MP, delivered yesterday’s much-leaked Autumn Statement against the backdrop of a eurozone crisis and deteriorating economic figures in the UK. Media commentators will often claim that a particular week in politics is “defining”. Although the terms of the next election will [...]

The political risks of the almost centre ground

No politician totally encapsulates the political centreground, so why are some punished by the electorate for it, while others aren’t asks Steve Van Riel, political consultant at Centreground Political Communications. Think even of the textbook examples, say, Tony Blair in 1998 (and for quite a bit longer as well), David Cameron back in his huskie [...]

It’s the economy (but it’s not that simple)

As Westminster prepares for the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement and the eurozone crisis continues, how are Britain’s parties navigating the politics of slow and no growth, writes Steve Van Riel, political consultant for Centreground Political Communications. When thinking about the 2015 elections in Britain, there’s a set of Labour-supporting commentators who say “the economy is going [...]

One day at Millbank

The attendance at Philip Gould‘s funeral was a mark of the respect and affection in which he was held, and my mind has returned to the events of 15 years ago this week because they have so much to do with Philip and the energy and determination he brought to Labour’s campaigning, writes Adrian McMenamin. [...]

Remembering Philip Gould

Adrian McMenamin, Director, Centreground Political Communications What can I usefully write about Philip Gould? I can begin by saying it was an honour and privilege to have worked with him, in one way or another, in three Labour election victories: victories that Philip did more than most to help create. But I also want to [...]

Philip Gould, RIP

Darren Murphy, Chief Executive, Centreground Political Communications The Labour Party is in mourning today for Philip Gould. He was, without doubt, one of the most important architects of New Labour and of the victories which led to the longest and most successful period of government in the party’s history. He was an inspiration and one [...]

A generational challenge to the centre-left

I am from the very last of the baby-boom generation, born in 1965, just before the birth rate took a definitive slide as the first baby boomers, born immediately after the end of the Second World War, chose to take advantage of the changing social and sexual morality of the sixties to delay marriage and [...]

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