Centreground Political Communications

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Centreground Political Communications is a global communications consultancy providing insight and analysis of policy and public opinion, communications strategy development, campaign planning and execution.

Built around a team of senior strategists who worked with Prime Minister Tony Blair, we help our clients to find the centre ground of public opinion, understand it and win it convincingly to their cause.



Persuading people to think differently tomorrow relies on understanding their feelings today


Making strategic choices - and sticking to them - is the key to communications success


Campaign execution is often the hardest task but experience of the toughest campaign environments can get you through

The starting point for any campaign of persuasion is to understand the people you are trying to persuade.  Our team has commissioned opinion polls and focus group research for public and private sector clients in the UK, Europe and beyond.  We are different because when we research existing public opinion, we use people who have experience of designing and running major campaigns to shift public opinion.  

Sometimes the insights might be a particular thought or phrase or way of framing an argument.  Sometimes it might be a myth or prejudice that has to be tackled before people start to listen.  Sometimes it is an understanding of what kind of voices people are ready to trust on a particular issue. Because our team have worked on successful political campaigns, we have the experience to spot the arguments, language and evidence that are going to work for your organisation.

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Strategy and command are what separates an armed rabble from an army. While no campaign goes precisely as planned, no unplanned campaign is ever likely to succeed. This is why we believe building a strategic vision and objectives for your campaign – from the core messages that must infuse every communication to the grid of actions that must guide every day’s activities – are the first priority.

Too often campaigners let their excitement and enthusiasm run away with them. Tactical considerations overwhelm strategic vision and campaigns lose their way.

Our team has built and executed campaigns for long-term change in attitudes, approaches, policies and governance that are rooted in a strong and effective strategic vision – built on research, clear on objectives, practical and flexible on tactics.

We understand the need to build campaigns that are robust enough to resist short term setbacks and strong enough to overwhelm the opponents of change. We believe the best campaigns are not built on secret ingredients but on openness about aims and objectives and a willingness to challenge the assumptions of and myths propagated by their opponents.

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Campaigns are not just about elections, although elections are the toughest test of any organisation’s campaigning skills.  We specialise in supporting sustained, high pressure campaigns: to win an election; to overcome an impeding business challenge or crisis; to restore reputation or reform public services; to cope with periods of intense public scrutiny; and to make the most of a major incident or significant event or minimise its consequences.

Often deploying staff to work on location at home and abroad, we add crucial skills and experience to our client’s own team, whenever and wherever they need it most.  We train in-house staff and senior figures who are set to face the toughest campaign and communications challenges.

Our aim is to take the rigour and the tempo of a General Election campaign to every area of public facing communications.

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